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Cloud Accounting Solutions, Business Accounting & Payroll Software

What’s the best accounting software?

With so many different payroll and business accounting software packages available today you might be wondering what’s the best accounting software for you. It is important to make your decision, knowing all of your options and finding the right accounting solutions that fit your and your business’ needs.

Truth is, there is not one sole business accounting software package that suits everyone. Finding the right solution depends on a number of things:

  • Needs
  • Budget
  • Time
  • Ability

When determining what’s the best accounting software for you, you have to bear in mind that there are a few different levels from basic cashbook systems and packages that incorporate invoicing to a fully integrated system offering more detail.

Then we have the choice of using a desktop version or cloud accounting solutions. Cloud based accounting is internet based, more accessible and carries a monthly subscription. Desktop based business accounting software are packages you purchase and are installed on your computer.

And just to confuse you even more, we can get a combination of the 2 types – where the accounting software is on your computer but the data is continuously updated via the cloud.

At Britten Draper we’ve used a number of different accounting and payroll software over time and we are more than happy to discuss which is the best accounting software for you – below are some of the main programmes on the market today.

Xero is a cloud accounting solution that is accessible anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone. It offers different levels of packages from basic cashbook to the more integrated system, offering in-depth reporting, invoicing, payroll software functions etc. All levels offer automated daily bank feeds and allow us to work together in real time if the need arose. Xero also has an extensive range of add-on programmes that integrate with some of the Xero packages.

MYOB has a variety of different solutions to suit almost everyone. It has cloud accounting or desktop options, all with automated bank feeds and a variety of reporting options. Depending on what your needs are, MYOB has the ability to integrate with add-on programmes that can meet your specific requirements – this is only available with some MYOB packages.

Banklink is a quick, easy, simple desktop cashbook solution, giving you automated bank feeds and basic cash based reports. It saves you time, money and gives you the ability to concentrate on running your business.

Cash Manager Rural is specific to farmers. It combines basic business accounting software with essential farm tools that not all packages provide. It is tailored to New Zealand farmers.

There are also a number of other products that we can assist you with to help get your business running smoothly.

  • Payroll Software Solutions
  • IRD Online Services
  • ACC Online Services

The IRD online service provides you with the ability to file your various business returns online. With some accounting and payroll software you have the ability to import your data directly into the IRD online service, streamlining your business IRD obligations.