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NZ Business Start-Up Help

Our new business accountants provide help and advice for starting a business.

Whether you are buying or starting a business it can seem a daunting prospect – it’s a big risk for you to take financially and mentally. So it is important to ensure that you are well informed and equipped with all the tools you need to assist in a smooth start.

There are a number of links and resources available to help you research and plan for a potential business venture. Most banks and government agencies have webpages dedicated to NZ business start-up help. Once you are ready to start a business it’s hard to know where to begin, and to know what the best options are. You might wonder:

  • What type of business structure is going to give me protection and potential tax benefits?
  • Where do I register my business?
  • What tax obligations do I have and when are they due?
  • What are my set-up costs estimated to be?
  • What is the best accounting software for me and my business needs?
  • What else is available to me to make this transition easier?
  • What steps do I take to help ensure my business succeeds?

We will work with you to tailor the best business structure to meet your needs. We can provide you with the knowledge and tools to help ensure that you meet all your tax and legal obligations in the least stressful way possible. We can assist you in finding the best software solution to fit your needs and budget. We will also provide you with training to get you started on the software and how to gain the most from the system to benefit you and your business. Down the line, we are also here to help with business growth and planning.

If you are buying an existing business it is wise to seek advice as to whether it is a viable venture to purchase and whether the price is of reasonable value. Our new business accountants are equipped to provide you with advice and help understand and interpret the financial reports to provide an insight as to the business’ financial viability.

Below are some links to give you a ground base of knowledge and business options to help start a business

Starting a Business?

We have the experts to help. Our accountancy team enjoy visiting clients on-site or at our office. If you would like us to see you to gain a greater understanding of your new business and give you the advice and guidance you need. Give our Taupo accountants a call.