Britten Draper’s NZ Accountant Team

Our accounting team looks forward to meeting with you.

Britten Draper is a well-established firm of 3 chartered accountants. Taupo-based, we have worked together for over 20 years. We are proud of our well-established relationships and good credibility with ACC, major trading banks and IRD, which our clients benefit from.

By working closely with clients, our accounting team build an understanding of what your business goals are and what you require. We then tailor our services to meet your needs to assist you in achieving the desired results.


Ian Britten, BBS, CA


"I've got a broad knowledge of what makes a business tick, their structures and tax minimisation. I believe that understanding and empathy with clients is important to achieving the best result."

Ian’s preferred area of expertise and strength is in medium-sized family business structures and tax solutions. His involvement with the Institute’s Waikato Tax Liaison Committee has kept him up-to-date with current issues of interest with IRD and tax specialists alike.

With heavy involvement with the local community, his Chairman experience has given Ian expertise and insight into both governance and management responsibilities, and Board procedures. He also has experience in assisting with problem resolution between business partners and facilitating as a business intermediary.

Barry Draper, BBS, CA


"I specialise in large business structures and farming clients, including large budget models, complex financial and taxation issues and investment/finance returns."

Barry has been noted as setting the standard by clients' and financial institutions in business and farming matters. He also has extensive experience in taxation of overseas investments under the FDR/CV regime.

He as involvement in a number of community organisations including Taupo-Nui-a-Tia Board, Addiction Resource Centre and Taupo Life Education Trust, but in his spare time he is out running or playing the drums for local bands Hot Tub and The Livewires.

Kate Thomson, BBS, CA


"With me you can be confident that I will have your accounting questions answered and your accounting requirements completed efficiently and to a high standard."

Kate is our third chartered accountant. Taupo-based, she has worked with Ian and Barry for over 20 years, making her a very dependable back-up. Kate has an extensive accounting knowledge and she keeps up-to-date with current and potential changes.

Anna Daley-Rutherford

Accounting Staff

"Having operated my own business, I have a strong interest in management accounting and helping businesses succeed. "

Anna is a very capable young accountant in Taupo who 'knows the ropes'. Friendly, reliable and a guru on cloud accounting packages for both MYOB and Xero, she is the one to assist clients and find a solution that best fits their needs.

Rachel Foster

Office Secretary

"Hello! I'm the friendly voice at the end of the phone, putting you in touch with the right person in our office."

Rachel is the hub of our office, offering you the warm welcome to our accountancy practice at reception. She knows what’s going on and co-ordinates our Chartered Accountant team together. She provides our Company and Trust Administration and if you have any queries she is the one to contact.