Employer Resources

Here’s a list of handy resources for (new) employers in New Zealand.


Employing someone new? Below are some links that may be helpful to you

Employee Cost Calculator

Gives you an approximate cost of a new employee (incl. ACC, Kiwi Saver etc)

New Employee & Kiwisaver Details - IR346K

You will need this form completed when employing someone new

Kiwisaver Form - 2

You will need this form completed when employing someone new who is already in Kiwisaver

Does the employee want to be in Kiwisaver?

You will need this form when you have been automatically enrolled in Kiwisaver and you don't want to be

Tax Code Declaration Form

All employees need to complete one of these

Employment Agreement Contracts

From 1 July 2011 all employees must have a written employment agreement – below is a link to assist you in building your own agreement for your employees

Already an employer? Below are some links and resources that may be helpful

Employment New Zealand

The best place to find the rules & regulations of your obligations as an employer


All the information you need to know about Kiwisaver

Kiwisaver - IRD

All the IRD forms you will need for Kiwisaver

PAYE Calculator

Easiest way to work out an employee’s wages, tax, kiwisaver etc

Need a computer payroll system?

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